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Below are some apps we have enjoyed along with explanations of curricular connections and educational value. It is extensive and substantial (just like the learning that came from building it). 

Recently discovered in my classroom, this app allows students access thousands of popular books with one log in. E-reading in schools is so rare and it is because it is being poorly delivered. Every student who tries that app finds something to read at their level.

Monument Valley
Suggested by a gifted students program, this puzzle game builds divergent thinking and breaks functional fixedness. Kids who rigidly stick to a pattern, soon learn in the game that other solutions work. I have seen this learning applied in real life situations.

Home design 3D gold
I presented at a conference recently and was able to create and share an animated 3 dimensional tour of our site. Colleagues saw the value of this information and incidentally learned about gamification as is applies to modern teaching and student motivation.

Solar walk 1 and 2
Grades 6 and 9 have units based on the solar system and beyond. These apps elegantly demonstrate the motion of planets. They replace the 299 dollar motor model of the planets at a fraction of the cost. 

Pocket frogs
Grade 9 science has a genetic concepts section in cellular reproduction. This app (using the gamification model) demonstrates the deciding process of mixed colour offspring in frogs. Students also use the app for sensory regulation.
Introduced by a student, this app allows students to collaborate in a digital world using avatars. Students become cells in a massive online world where bigger eats smaller. In our site, lasting friendships and social connections have been made here.

Minecraft and skin seed
Minecraft for education should need no explanation. The app has become a movement of coders and developers and collaborative communities creating in a safe sandbox world. Concepts in science, geography, engineering, computer science, etc are explored by students and their peers within the world.

Tickle coding app
Tickle coding app shows students the simple steps it takes to code and invent a video game. The code (based on scratch style drag and drop) is easy to learn but increasingly complex as students grow with the app. 

Plague inc
This app teaches world mapping concepts as students solve puzzles and learn about epidemiology.

Sorcery 1,2, and 3
For reluctant readers, these choose your own adventure apps are perfect. They reward careful reading and present rewards and punishments based on moral decision making. A reluctant writing student was inspired by the books to create a 60 page book of fiction which was coded using powerpoint to read as a choose your own adventure game. 

Fish farm 2
As we were waiting for classroom fish to arrive, students found solace and calm in this app that replicates a fish tank. Similar to pocket frogs, students could create breeding scenarios and discover new cross-breeds.

World of goo
Grade 8 has a section on forces and structures. This bridge (or tower) building simulation teaches the geometric reasoning behind building in triangles. It also teaches students about sheer and resonance and the law of diminishing returns. 

Sketchbook Pro
This app has been essential in teaching art. Students live in a digital world and this app allows the freedom to paint and draw with precision. Brushes simulate pencil and watercolours and layer editing allows them to use existing pictures for portraiture and landscape. 

Green screen by Do ink
A major component of media literacy is to equip students with the tools and skills to recreate the illusions professionals use to manipulate truth in media. Students use this app to composite animations, special effects, and live action film making to create works of fantasy and fiction. Students who go through this process find it hard to passively consume media afterwards.

I use Hootsuite to connect to my PLN online. It isn't really needed in class but it is essential to my efforts to stay up to date with the education conversation online.

Sphero macrolab 
There is a $120 Bluetooth controlled induction charged ball robot in my classroom. This app allows students to write a string of code instructions to change the voice, movements, and colour of this robot. Without the app, this learning tool becomes a tennis ball. 

Scorekeeper xl 
We walk every day at school. Students track their laps using this app. The data tells us who is engaged during this time but it also demonstrates to students that attendance and engagement lead to gains. Prior to the app, we were using Popsicle sticks to track laps, which was problematic to say the least. 

Explain Everything
I conducted a conference on creating Khan Academy style videos using explain everything. Kids can engage teacher created learning videos on a totally different level. The will watch and rewind and rewatch and memorize content in this medium.

The human body by tiny bop
Without words, this app is a masterwork of explaining all the systems expected in Grade 8's cells and body systems from a skeleton that comes apart piece by piece to a zoom in mini game where white blood cells battle pathogens, this app is perfect.

Our population often needs auditory distractions. Sensory concerns and external stimuli can be covered with a one headphone song. Instatube allows students to create music playlists for autoplay rather than selecting songs one at a time.

Math Bingo
I have had students take on the challenge of 3 by 3 digit multiplication just to earn the prizes in this app. It is well designed to draw students deeper into the effort needed to master arithmetic.

Zed's alchemy
This is a great app for teaching basic concepts in chemistry for grade 9 and 10. It also involves a developing a systematic algorithm to solve complex puzzles. 

Rubic's cube 
With online score keeping, students can challenge the scores of experts on an international stage from daily scores to all time greats.

Ocarina by smule
Our music program was shut down and we try to appeal to musical learners in the context of other classes. This app allows students to learn an instrument from the video game Zelda. An ocarina recital is not to be missed.

Civilization Revolution 
Geographic and historic perspectives can be explored within this app. It is fun with learning built in. 

Every student I meet has a YouTube account. Some just comment on other videos but some produce content. Most have no idea how to develop film content. Everything they share is created in a single take that includes the moment they turned the camera on to the moment they shut it off. iMovie makes editing and polishing movies simple.

Khan Academy Math interactive that builds from pre-school concepts to university level challenges. Very interactive.

Flame Painter | online paint program 

Planet Earth : Discovery Channel  Photos, interactives, and games about the series.

Manitoba webcam - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers

Online Free Touch Typing Program | senselang a typing program with games once you learn the basics.

GoAnimate - Watch animation - Explanation  This is an animation I made using a neat site.

Welcome to Whyville! (Whyville is an online science learning community with fun collaborative elements)

Mineral Identification Gizmo | ExploreLearning (we will explore this site extensively in science)

Rockhound Home Page This is a good intro to Rocks site we visited in the the lab.

Make animations and create cartoons with four basic shapes - Aniboom’s Shapeshifter (great free online animation maker)

Manitoba Photos - Town Statues This is a great site for exploring Manitoba.

History by the Minute It took some searching but I found the site. All the great Canadian Vignettes are here, sorted by category. wonderful work of Hannah Taylor right here in Winnipeg) Home Page (a spelling practice site that will practice any spelling words by reading them out and saying a sentence!)

Whyville: the place girls love to go for science | (this describes how Whyville appeals to girls but it is for boys too)

Google SketchUp (download this great [free and safe] 3D application and explore architecture and technology skills.)

always experimenting (this site has some great scanimations if you click on the picture).

Science Teachers' Association of Manitoba -(lots of Gr. 4 science links)

Speed Reading Test Online (we have been practicing speed reading)

Plants In Motion (neat stop motion films of flowers blooming)

Splashup(this is a great online image editor for people who don't have photoshop)

GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid | Augmented Reality (if you have a webcam and a printer, this technology will surprise you)

Lesson Info: Hearing: Frequency and Volume Gizmo | ExploreLearning(This includes the sound only young people hear)